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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Healer

Monday, Jan 10, I went up to Woodstock, NY to take a Reiki class with a practitioner named Thurman Greco.  I have previously taken hands-on healing workshops for 2-legged animals as well as our beloved 4-leggeds, reptiles and birds.  My last workshop was this past December 2010 with Margrit Coates, called "Hands-on Healing for Animals" taken at the Open Center in New York.  I highly recommend Margrit's class to anyone interested in animal healing, whether it be for  your own animals or as part of your career path.   I felt that the Reiki was very similar to the way Margrit teaches her classes.  I'm going to continue with Reiki II with Thurman in February.  Also, highly recommended.

This morning, my beautiful cat, Macduff, was laying on his favorite chair.  He was all stretched out and happy.  I walked over to him and gave him a couple of strokes on his lovely head, when he reared up, growled and hissed at me.  He's been doing that more often since Misty came to live with us.  (See my previous posts for the history.)  Macduff has gotten better, millimeter by millimeter.  He still growls and hisses at Misty, but he doesn't run away and hide anymore.  He stands his ground and full-of-grace Misty still does not retaliate in any way.   But, back to this morning …

I looked into Duff's eyes and saw the "fight or flight" response all over his beautiful face.  Poor Duff.  I began to give him Reiki - hands off - a couple of inches above his body.  I started with his head.  After about a minute, Duff moved his body and kind of stretched out.  After a few minutes, he began to purr.  I worked on his chakras, now with my hand lightly touching his body.  He turned his head toward me and nuzzled me, purring away.  I continued for a few minutes more, maybe 10 minutes in total, and left him sleeping and purring.

Misty was in the bedroom and just climbing into her heated bed.  She loves that bed.  I began doing some Reiki on her - I began at her head, but she moved to tell me, "Not there!"  I then put my hand on her brachial key chakra (the area above her shoulders) and I felt pain in my hands, along with a prickly feeling and heat.  I allowed the energy of the Universe or the Higher Consciousness (call it what you will) to flow through my hands, my body now a vessel (as I did with Duff).  Misty began purring like a motor.  I let my hand stay there until I felt the energy coming from Misty even out.  I then moved my hand to her solar plexus and heart chakras and did the same.  At one point, I asked Misty to please let me know when she'd had enough.  A moment later, Misty got up and moved to her other favorite spot to sleep.

Whatever anxiety I may have been feeling this morning is gone.  As I allow healing to come through my being, I allow those I touch to heal me.

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