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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

How do you tell someone that her cat is suffering allergies because her home is so dusty that when I was through with the session and got home, I tore my clothes off, threw them into the hamper and showered?  Whew!  Poor kitty! But, as an animal communicator, it is my job to communicate what I receive.  The thing is, I had no idea that I'd be hearing about dust.  The wonderful thing about communicating with animals is that one is often surprised by the communication.

I remember a time when I had a table at the Quest Bookshop Psychic Fair in New York City.  A woman came to me with a drawing she had done of a cat at one of the city shelters.  The woman, whom I'll call Anna, had been working with this particular cat to socialize her and get her ready for adoption.  She felt that she was making real progress with cat.  When Anna got to the shelter the previous Sunday to continue her work, she was told that the cat, Lily, had been euthanized.  Anna hadn't even had time to say goodbye.  She felt guilty as well as betrayed by the shelter system.  You can imagine her devastation.  Anna, who usually takes photographs of all the animals she works with, hadn't taken one yet of Lily as she thought she'd have much more time with her.  I usually work through a photograph.  It helps me to focus my energy and intention, but this time, I had a little line drawing on a crumpled piece of paper.  As I looked at the drawing, the essence of that little being came through loud and clear.  And, the communication I received confirmed that you never know what you're going to hear.

Although I endeavor to put my own feelings and thoughts aside when I go into a session, often I  have judgements and preconceived ideas that I mentally put on a shelf.  When Anna first told me the story of Lily and the shelter, I was expecting to feel sadness and maybe fear and longing from the cat's perspective.  What I got proved to me again how little I know.  What Lily communicated to me was gratitude and joy.  She told me how important is it for beings who are transitioning to be sent off enveloped in love and light.  She told me to thank Anna so much for the work Anna had done; that it was because of Anna that Lily was able to transition peacefully and joyfully; that love is all that matters.  She reiterated how grateful she was to Anna for the love she was able to feel before she passed on to continue her journey in spirit.  It was because of Anna that Lily was able to transition without fear.

In the case of the dust-mite-allergy-cat, what I thought might be a stress-related reaction turned out to be what I think is an allergy to dust mites. I encouraged the client to vacuum and get an air purifier.  I also firmly suggested that she take her cat to a vet to make sure that what I intuited was correct.  As always I reminded my client that I am not a vet nor a medical professional of any kind, that my services are informational only.  I do not diagnose nor treat.  Hopefully, she'll take my suggestions seriously and get her cat to a vet, vacuum her apartment and dust the furniture.

Communicating with animals takes me from the sublime to the mundane, from Dust to dust.

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