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Friday, September 17, 2010

El Gato es Loco

My cat, Macduff (pictured below) has lost his mind.  I'm trying to help him find it, but it's nearly impossible.  We have a new roommate, Misty Mountains, a beautiful, 8 lb. 6 oz., 12 year-old orphan-cat, whose owner (my neighbor) died in April. Ever since Misty's arrival, Macduff has lots on his mind, none of it good.  He growls and smacks me.  He refuses to step into the bedroom where Misty hangs out.  He howls at 3 a.m. and his pupils are as big as his irises.  He looks like the starting player in a football game as he flies toward Misty and throws her over.  He bites her neck, hisses and growls.  He pounds her on top of her little head. Lovely cat that she is, Misty never retaliates nor does she retreat. 

I've tried massage on Macduff, energy balancing, Bach Flower Remedies, homeopathic remedies, soothing him and  shaking my finger at him.  I'm an animal communicator.  I understand where his fears and, hence, his anger come from, but all Duff will say is, "Get rid of her."  

I have also given Misty (pictured below) remedies, massages and energy balancing.  Misty and I look at each other with mutual horror at what's going on.  We also telepathically roll our eyes. I, however, have not started urinating inappropriately as Misty has.  But that's a story for another blog.  I check in with Misty all the time to see if she would like to live somewhere else (as much as it would break my heart to let her go) and she tells me no, that she wants to stay here with me and Macduff.  She actually likes Macduff and, if he would relax just a bit, he'd have a best friend in Misty. 

Animal communicator or not, all animals have their own paths and their own timing.  I know Macduff was supposed to live with me just as I know I was supposed to take Misty home. We all have lessons to learn from one another.  Sometimes the most valuable lessons are the most difficult.  And, in the end, no matter what happens, I'll have given both cats all the love and care that one being can give to another.  

Perhaps I should have entitled this blog, "La Mujer es Loca."


sarahsuricat said...

Hi Eileen, congrats! welcome to the world of blogging, love the post and the pics! Sarah

rockstarmama said...

La mujer has written a fabulous 1st blog post! Muy bueno!