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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Honey Fox

It's been quite awhile since my last blog.  It seems that so much has happened in my life; mostly internal.  Lots of rediscovering who I am and reconnecting with Life; sending out my particular note or tone and inviting those who resonate with my note to come into my life.  We all have a particular note or tone.  Each of those tones together make up the sound of the Universe.

This post is about one little cat who found my note.  Or, perhaps, I found hers.  In any event, we met and, as always, my life is enriched.

I ran into a woman in my neighborhood who I'd met many years ago.  When we saw each other, Rita hugged me and said, "Just the woman I needed to see!"  I knew it had to do with an animal, probably a cat. It turned out that Rita's neighbor, a lovely woman of 87, had been sent to a nursing home.  She went from being a vibrant, sharp-witted, strong individual to someone who couldn't care for herself any longer.  She had Alzheimer's Disease.  The neighbor had a cat, Honey Fox, who was now living alone in the woman's apartment with Rita going up to see poor Honey once a day to feed her and clean her litter box.  At the time that I met Rita (early July), Honey had been living alone for a little over 3 weeks.   Rita told me that Honey was "difficult."  She hissed and clawed.  Poor Honey Fox!

The family was going to euthanize Honey if a home wasn't found soon.  We had until the end of August at the latest.

Of course, my heart immediately embraced this poor cat and I asked if I could see her.  Rita readily agreed. Before I went up to the apartment, I did a short session with Honey, telling her that she was safe and loved and that we would do everything in our power to help her.

I arrived at the apartment with dried sage leaves, a flower essence remedy and an already established connection to sweet Honey Fox.

I lit the sage leaves to cleanse the atmosphere and sprayed the remedy, which was made up of essences to treat loss and trauma.  I then sat on the floor in the bedroom and allowed Divine Love to flow through me from the crown of head, filling every cell of body.  I then breathed out Divine Love.  I became Divine Love.  Or rather, I remembered that I was Divine Love (as everything and everyone is).  The air in the room vibrated in such a way that I could almost see the vibration as well as feel it.  I, the room, Honey, everything had become one intense vibration.

Afterwards, Rita and I spoke for a few minutes and then we went into the second bedroom.  Rita looked under the bed and this gorgeous Calico cat came running out from under the bed and directly over to me.  She wound herself around my legs and purred and rolled on the floor and nuzzled me over and over again.  I spent about twenty minutes that first time, petting her and scratching her.  She was ecstatic, purring and drooling and asking for more contact.

I wish I had a taken a picture of Rita!  For anyone who doubts telepathic connections, that photo would have said it all!  Rita sat there with her mouth hanging open, an astonished look in her eyes.  Could this be the nasty cat Rita had been feeding for three weeks?

Here is Honey at our first meeting:

What a great cat!  Oh, I love her so.  It's been about two weeks since I met Honey.  Every time I come into the apartment, Honey bounds out of the bedroom and wraps herself around me.  She's been very sweet to Rita as well, greeting her with each visit.  And Rita has been spending more and more time with Honey, reading on the couch with Honey laying by her side.

Yesterday, Rita and I took Honey to the vet.  Before the vet visit, I telepathically sent Honey pictures of her getting into the carrier with no problem.  I also made up a new remedy to help with the vet visit.  Don't you know it?  Honey got right into the carrier with no problem whatsoever!  Again, unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me to take a picture of Rita's face as Honey walked into the carrier and I closed the door!

Honey got a clean bill of health and I'm thrilled to say that Honey will be going to her new home on Friday night!  During a meditation one morning, a friend's name popped into my head, someone I hadn't spoken to or seen since the winter.  I texted her immediately to ask if she was thinking of getting a cat.  Her answer was, "Not consciously, but I think I'm ready."

My friend met Honey on Tuesday and will be taking her home Friday!  What a wonderful beginning for Honey Fox and her new person.  I'll miss seeing Honey Fox, but I'm sure she's going where she's meant to be going.  I was brought into Honey's life so that she could find her new person and she was brought into my life to validate my chosen path.  My heart is overflowing with gratitude toward this little cat.  People will say that she was lucky I came into her life, but she and I both know who the lucky one is!

I love you, Honey Fox.


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